Eclipse Tactics is a multiplayer, turn-based, online strategy game in a sci-fi theme. Create your own special teams from a large number of fully customizable units. Deploy your base and units, and destroy your opponent! Check out the trailer below to see a brief demo of game-play and all we got for you!
We are very much interested in your feedback and comments on game play. Please send your comments, opinions and feedback to Please use the "Bug Report" tool which is located under Options, Bugs whenever you recognize an unexpected behavior.

You can download the installation package for your operating system by clicking the download links below. Have Fun!

Download for Mac OSX


Download for Windows


Download for Linux

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<font color='orange'>Team Build</font><br>This is where you customize your units and build teams ready for battle. <font color='orange'>Customize Units</font><br>Customize each unit through individual skill trees and strategic abilities. <font color='orange'>Bazaar</font><br>Need reinforcement? Bazaar is the right place to be! Browse through a large catalogue of fully customizable units. <font color='orange'>Battlefield: Floating Isles</font> <font color='orange'>Battlefield: Crater Desert</font> <font color='orange'>Battlefield: Ruins</font>

Eclipse Tactics has been developed over the course of several years with the contribution of following people. As lead developers, we would like to thank all contributors for their great work and helping us bring Eclipse Tactics into life.

Murat Artim - Software Design and Programming
Gökce Cimen - Game Logic and Character Design

Stanculescu Alexandru - Artwork
Eduardo Herrera - Pixelart
Ian Maclean - Pixelart
Onofre Paiva - Pixelart
Tyriq Plummer - Pixelart
Berker Sönmezler - Artwork
Victor Garcia Rojo - Pixelart
Ivan Dixon - Pixelart
Marat - Pixelart
Friederike Jacob - Music
Fuat Baycora - Music
Ayca Ünlüer - The Eclipse Logo
Marcus Schleufe - German Translations